Random Thoughts: Reverse the Polarity

Man, all this time I’ve been pronouncing it DEM-INT. I feel like an idiot.

Feminism frees up women to be angry at everything.

Are we sure we want Tim Scott in the Senate? White liberals find black Republicans very offensive.

It looks like Star Trek has moved from solving everything with tachyon particles to solving everything with kung fu and explosions.

I see Jen Rubin is fruming.

There are few more tiresome and unreasonable these days than those constantly ranting about “extremists.”

If you want a new Senator, I’ll accept a $174,000 job where I just vote yes or no on stuff with little accountability.

Wait, so if I turn on fellow conservatives, I get invited to cocktail parties and get free booze?

Democracy is a tool, like a gun, and just as easily used for good or ill.

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  1. Feminism frees up women to be angry at everything.

    Well put. I remember the time before I had ever heard the word “feminism”. Women were just as angry, but they didn’t
    have an ideology to go with it.


  2. If Tim Scott is appointed the democrats will just deny his existance because in their world view black Republicans are mythical so he must not truely exist.


  3. At least kaylee still solves engineering problems by “giving it all the power she’s got captain”



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