Random Thoughts: The Violent Dems

If the Republicans become a big tent party, union thugs will tear down our tent and punch us.

I yearn for the day when someone talking about how to appeal to blacks or Hispanics would be looked at as an idiot racist.

Predicted right-wing violence will always get more coverage than actual left-wing violence because the left doesn’t care about violence.

If we want the economy to get back on track, we need to reward people for being rich and punish them for being poor.

Your face embarrassed my fist.

Obama’s middle name is “Hussein”? I thought it was “Useless”?

I wonder how much of the 1% got there by whining about people who had more money than them?

We all laugh about that funny little incident where I plead guilty to assault.

In honor of Moran and son, Obama should get Chris Brown to play alongside PSY.

You can drown women and be a Democrat in high standing. Beating them up a little is nothing.

“Vote like your lady parts depend on it or I smash your face in.”

Remember when I pummeled that woman and people were like, “Don’t pummel that woman!”? That sure was embarrassing for both of us.

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