Senator Scott

Posted on December 18, 2012 11:00 am

So Nikki Haley has picked Tim Scott to replace DeMint as Senator. This has made a lot of people note how rare black Senators still are. I think it’s pretty easy to see the reason for that, though. One, there aren’t many black Republicans. Two, the prominent black politicians on the Democrat’s side tend to be completely unelectable outside of a few districts. They run on racial appeals in federally mandated majority-minority districts, and this of course produces huge idiots (it’s like what kind of people would we expect to be elected if there were mandated KKK district). Really, for the sake of our country we need to put more shame on the racism in the Democratic Party.

Anyway, Scott seems to be universally loved pick. He grew up poor in a single parent home and made something of himself (with the help of Chick-fil-A). But since he’ll now be a U.S. Senator, I’m going to assume he’s an idiot until proven otherwise.

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4 Responses to “Senator Scott”

  1. Doug says:

    KKK districts (times past) were Democrat, as was the KKK. They had both sides covered.

  2. jw says:

    you also have the problem that the dems target black republicans for defeat as, for example, alan west.

  3. Son of Bob says:

    jw, Unfortunately, the Republican good ol’ boys, currently led by head good ol’ boy John Boehner, targeted Alan West for defeat too. Even reworked his district to include plenty of democrat voters – can’t have these uppity conservatives knocking around, ya know.

  4. Iowa Jim says:

    Scott may be an idiot, but at least he’s OUR idiot (for the record, I’m rather impressed by Mr. Scott).

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