Sorority Girls Get in Trouble Over Hats & Mustaches

[High Praise! to Tongue-Tied]

Personally, I blame Mexico for being so culturally undiverse that it’s possible to stereotype them as all having big hats, serapes, and mustaches.

Can’t do that to Americans, what with our incredible variety of hair, skin, and eye colors.

And our lack of stupid folk-costumes (lookin’ at your lederhosen, Germany).

Which begs the question: if a Mexican sorority wanted to dress up like Americans for Halloween, how would they do it?

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  1. Ball cap on backwards, pants hanging below their knees, dirty white t-shirt, can of spray paint and a skateboard. Oh, and a hoody if it’s cold.


  2. I’d suggest the Mexican sorority girls wear yoga pants and bikini tops, and blond wigs.

    But mostly the bikini tops.

    Or not, their choice.


  3. Likely as not they are really in trouble for looking like free birth control might actually come in handy. (And having a sense of humor near an infestation of liberals.)



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