The Gun Control Flat-Earthers

Posted on December 3, 2012 11:00 am

So in the middle of a football game, Bob Costas goes on an anti-gun rant. It’s hard to even fathom what goes through the mind of an anti-gun person these days.

“Opinions on gun control have only gone one direction for the past fifty year no matter how much we hype each shooting tragedy, but if I spout a bunch of cliches everyone has refuted a jillion times, that will totally turn things around.”

Anyway, here’s a very interesting article on guns from The Atlantic. The author comes off as sort of anti-gun, but at the same time he plainly explains that if the goal in America is less death by gun violence, the only realistic solution that will work in this country is getting more people to carry. And he also takes on the gun control people for having faith-based positions that no longer exist in the realm of fact.

But in the end, we don’t have to convince the anti-gun people of anything. Because there are more of us. And we have guns.

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11 Responses to “The Gun Control Flat-Earthers”

  1. Pug Mahon says:

    I still watch SNF, but I mute it a helluva lot. I change the channel as soon as it’s halftime, because I know I ain’t missing nothing. I hate the opening theme song, even if Faith Hill is teh hawt. SNF and MNF are the worst presentations by far. You don’t even see beer commercials anymore. It’s totally chick-ified, and that simpering hobbit with the bad rug just completes the whole steaming pile. And I’m kind of sick of seeing the Cowboys every frickin week.

    ‘K. thanks for listening.

  2. CTCompromise says:

    I must have missed his rant about knife and crossbow control.

  3. Tim says:

    I once debated commenters at the Huffington post who opposed guns. They suggested that someone inflict violence upon me. They forgot who owns the guns.

    I do wonder about those of us who voted in this past election for someone who signed gun control measures into law. (You know who you are Romney supporters.)

  4. Jimmy says:

    When trying to ascertain what Flat-Earthers, Flat-Landers and Flat-Liners have in common, it’s helpful to remember they probably don’t own guns.

  5. SpringTexas says:

    Mr. Costas, what caliber was OJ Simpson’s gun he used to kill his ex wife and Ron Goldman?

  6. Jackie says:

    That Atlantic article is interesting, but the central premise of people who want more stringent concealed-carry permit requirements still strikes me as absurd. What, you really think your average person-likely-to-commit-gun-violence is going to say “oh shucks, they denied my permit request, I guess I just won’t carry my gun”?

  7. Mxymaster says:

    “Gessler began to mock him once more. ‘You see now,’ he said, ‘the danger of carrying arms. I don’t know if you have ever noticed it, but arrows very often recoil on the man who carries them. The only man who has any business to possess a weapon is the ruler of a country–myself, for instance. A low, common fellow–if you will excuse the description–like yourself only grows proud through being armed, and so offends those above him. But, of course, it’s no business of mine. I am only telling you what I think about it. Personally, I like to encourage my subjects to shoot; that is why I am giving you such a splendid mark to shoot at. You see, Tell?'”
    –P.G. Wodehouse, William Tell Told Again

  8. plentyobailouts says:

    I need to be serious for a moment. I know, you are all saying C’mon Plenty, say it isn’t so! Right, well. @Tim, real Americans voted for the real conservative in the race, which was Gary Johnson, choicers and thought controllers voted for Romney, and commies and useless parasites voted for the foreigner.

    Now then, As we all know, if you carry you should always have control of your gun. Also remember, that if you defend the incorporation of the second amendment, your gun rights fall to the jurisdiction of a marxist federal judge. I for one believe my states constitution adequately protects me from the bistages in the federal gubmunt. And if they try to take my guns, they will get them one bullet at a time.

    Now with all that said, I thought bob costas was dead. Who knew.

  9. Marc says:

    My favorite line of his rant is “If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today” because apparently nobody was ever murdered before the invention of the firearm. I guess the big football player wouldn’t have had the physical ability to grab a knife and stab her to death or bludgen her with something and nobody has ever committed suicide with anything other than a firearm. That story in the Bible proves it, you know the one where Cain kills Able? The Bible doesn’t directly say what he used but we can be pretty sure it was an “assault” weapon.

  10. Manolo says:

    Bob Costas should focus his agenda on the widespread drug abuse that occurs right outside his broadcast booth. But then he’d be crapping where he eats.

  11. rodney dill says:

    Thank God, O.J. didn’t have a gun or Nicole Brown Simpson wouldn’t be alive today… Oh, let me try again.

    Thank God, Ted Kennedy didn’t have a gun or Mary Jo Kopechne wouldn’t be alive today… Oh, Come again?

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