The Onion Explains Social Media, TED Talk Style

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #712,786)

As someone who makes his living working with social media, I can attest to the 100% factual accuracy of this video.

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  1. The bit at the end about “looking like you’re doing work, and people will pay you for it” has applied for decades in every marketing organization I’ve ever seen.


  2. Got this email today:
    Hi xxx,
    Sorry you’ve been having trouble logging into your Facebook account.
    Get back on Facebook now

    You can also get password help or login help on Facebook.
    The Facebook Team

    Why you ask? I misstyped the password…..

    Facebook is by far the creepiest invention of all time…of ALL TIME!

    Like all liberal creations, it’s just one more gauge to determine how well the dumbing down has worked, as if Obama doesn’t answer that perfectly.



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