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In continuing with the theme of blogging about stuff I actually care about, I don’t know why I don’t blog more about TV. I like TV shows, but don’t have as much time for TV these days. In fact, I currently watch no dramas as those are an hour long and I just can’t invest that much time in TV watching at once, so SarahK and I only watch half-hour comedies.

BTW, who made the law that comedies are a half-hour and dramas are an hour? If you see a drama that’s only a half-hour, that’s a good sign you’re in the Twilight Zone.

Anyway, my favorite comedy right now is Parks and Rec, because who doesn’t love Ron Swanson. We need people in government who hate government. Also, Buttercup could be in the middle of crying, but if she hears the Parks and Rec theme, she has to stop what she’s doing and dance. My favorite was Community — one of the most daring shows out there — but it has a new show runner now and doesn’t start again until February, so we’ll see.

For new shows, I’m really liking The Mindy Project. In fact, we’re now recording all 2 hours of comedy on Fox Tuedays — Raising Hope, Ben & Kate, New Girl, and The Mindy Project (I’ve yet to see a whole episode of Ben & Kate, but we always caught pieces on our DVR and ended up liking it enough to finally add it last week) — so good going Fox. You’ve now bested NBC Thursday (which was perfect back when it was The Office, 30 Rock, Community, and Parks and Rec). BTW, I’m almost ashamed to admit how much we like The Office considering how tired it should be by now. It’s definitely good they’re ending 30 Rock, though.

We also watch How I Met Your Mother. During the summer, we watched the first six seasons on Netflix and really liked it so we bought the seventh season on Amazon streaming and our finally watching it live this season (well on DVR). Barney is hilarious, but they definitely should bring the show to a close soon as Ted Mosby just gets more and more pathetic the longer it goes on.

And the only other shows we watch are The Middle and Modern Family. Incidentally, The Middle is the only comedy out of these I would consider a family show (we don’t worry about watching it when Buttercup is in the room). Raising Hope is close to being one.

So that’s all the TV I watch as I’m now admitting to myself I’ve stopped watching The Simpsons. The first ten seasons of The Simpsons are one of the biggest influences on my sense of humor, but just can’t motivate myself to watch them anymore and they’re cluttering the DVR. The Simpsons had a few bad seasons a while back, but I thought they’ve actually been pretty good the past couples seasons I watched (when they finally went to HD), but it’s just like in Poochie episode where at the end Bart and Lisa are watching an episode of Itchy and Scratchy and saying how it’s still classic and then turn it off because they’re bored of it. So maybe the upper limit of how long a show can hold your attention is like fifteen seasons.

Anyway, that’s the TV I watch. Oh, and Big Bang Theory. Absolutely everyone loves Big Bang Theory. Wow, it does seem like a lot of TV when I write it all out like that, but we usually just watch two shows a day — one at lunch and one at dinner. So an hour of TV a day which has to be well below average.

And one last thing: I can’t wait for the new Arrested Development episodes on Netflix and will probably rewatch that series for the millionth time before they come out and enjoy that more than any new TV series because it is the greatest comedy ever.

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  1. The only thing better than Community is Community on DVD. The outtakes are the best I’ve ever seen, and they have an outtakes reel on every disk. Those are some seriously funny people. I’m worried about the show since Dan Harmon got sacked after last season.


  2. I like The Middle – next to Ron Swanson, I think Sue Heck is my favorite character on TV right now.

    Do yourself a favor and watch “The Neighbors” – very well written and a great cast.

    I like “Once Upon a Time” – the only show on right now that I just have to watch.

    Never cared for “The Big Bang Theory” – don’t hate it – but I never laugh.


  3. Big Bang Theory was great until everyone got girlfriends. Now it’s just “Cougar Town” with comic book references.


  4. Seinfeld is the greatest comedy of all time and anyone who thinks otherwise is communist or Irish.

    I hardly watch a lick of anything, but currently I can’t stop watching Top Gear on the Netflix. It’s gold… British gold.


  5. Sorry Genghis, but it is a well-known fact that “The Beverly Hillbillies” is the greatest comedy of all time.


  6. Once Upon a Time. I am so obsessed I have correctly predicted most twists/spoilers/identites and post at message boards. If Once Upon a Time were Harry Potter, I’d be running around with a cape and a lightning bolt on my forehead.

    I also like Go On – brilliantly written and acted.
    The Soup – because I need my Joel McHale somehow while Community is away
    White Collar
    Covert Affairs
    Frasier and Golden Girls repeats

    I’m seeing The Office through to the end, grudgingly.


  7. Jeeze, do Jimmy and I have to start knocking people on their @$$es when they lump the Irish in with communists?

    Seinfeld is a talented comedian, but Seinfeld is not “the greatest comedy of all time”. That show is dated in the same way that Gleason’s The Honeymooners is.

    The honor of “greatest comedy” falls to the nightly network news. Unintentional comedy, but comedy never the less. (I mean, who takes that seriously?!?)



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