This Is What’s Wrong With the 99%

Son of Bob [High Praise!] writes in:

I’m sure you saw the photo of the cop giving the bum a brand new $100 pair of boots that went viral and made everyone feel sorry for bums for a few days. And, you may have seen the link on Drudge today where the bum immediately sold the boots… umm, I mean, stored them somewhere for safe keeping.

But, the line that stands out is this one… stated by the bum who was the beneficiary of a good man spending $100 of his own hard-earned money to buy him a new pair of boots: “I was put on YouTube, I was put on everything without permission. What do I get?” he said. “This went around the world, and I want a piece of the pie.”

Ironically, read the name of the link the NY Times assigned to this story:

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  1. Man with no shoes: “I was sad I had no shoes until I met the man with no feet.”

    Man with no feet: “I was sad I had no feet until I met the man with no shoes. How his feet must hurt!”


  2. I think this kind of speaks to what type of person the majority of the “unfortunate” are. To be a homeless bum in America, you have to make a lot of bad choices, which speaks to a person’s character. Because, even in this economy, there are just too many opportunities in America for someone willing to work hard and make some sacrifices.

    If someone is physically incapable of doing any kind of work, that’s one thing. But I bet the number of people in that category is a very small percentage of the poor.


  3. “Hillman whose arrest history includes harassment, criminal mischief, public masturbation, grand larceny and assault……………”

    But despite his homeless lifestyle, the federal government has paid for and provided an apartment for Hillman in Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing since 2011 in upper Manhattan.

    ‘Just because he has an apartment doesn’t mean our work is done with him,’ NYC Commissioner of Homeless Services Seth Diamond told USA Today. ‘He is not dressed for the weather, he is not engaged in a healthy lifestyle, and he is not leading a productive life.’

    Why should he? He gets everything for freeeee!!! Including his boots.
    A: he’s not homeless
    B: he’s not “poor”, no government leech is.
    C: he pretends to be homeless and all sorts of idiots give him money on top of all the free everything else.
    D: we spend $1 trillion+ a year for people not leading a productive life.

    I wonder what percentage of Obama ‘voters’ are not leading a productive life?

    So the real cost of Obama’s ‘election’? about $6 trillion


  4. Keln nailed it. Economist Walter Williams made this point in one of his books not that long ago, that true poverty in America doesn’t really exist in the same sense that it exists in a place like India. But if you try and have this discussion anywhere other than a conservative forum, suddenly you’re a cold-hearted son of a gun. Reality burns, ladies and gents, it burns the leftist heart!



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