Video Games: Dark Souls 2

I saw there is going to be a Dark Souls 2. My suggestion for a subtitle: “Die Harder”.

BTW, I decided to put down Dark Souls for a while to play other games. The challenge is very addictive, but it’s also very time consuming and repetitive. Since you’re constantly dying, you’re constantly doing the same thing over and over. I was fine with the constant dying and retrying in Super Meat Boy, because in there each level only takes a couple seconds to play so each retry doesn’t use up a lot of time. But in Dark Souls, after I get killed quickly by a boss, it’s often a couple minute trek back from the last bonfire to try again. And while I love the challenge and the sense of accomplishment when finally defeating a boss, with my limited game time I don’t think I want to be investing in traipsing to bosses over and over. It would be a much different thing if after you were killed by the boss you had an option to start over right away at the beginning of the fight, but as is it feels like a lot of repetitive busy work.

So maybe I’ll get back to it, but for now I’m going to spend my time on games where forward progress is a bit more fun. If I were back in the days I had a whole day to play a video game, I probably wouldn’t put Dark Souls down, though.

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