Whining at Reality

Posted on December 7, 2012 11:00 am

So Ross Douthat wrote an editorial about the declining birthrate and all the problems associated with it. This, of course, would require more women having babies, and there is nothing more offensive to modern feminists than women having babies. So a lot of screaming has ensued such as this piece in The Nation going on about how horrible and misogynistic Douthat is… but not refuting the idea that we’re pretty screwed when we have a population mainly of seniors with few young people to work and support them. I notice this is actually a common tactic of the left: Get really, really angry and then think that somehow negates obvious truths.

We see this with the spending debates where when we say we can’t afford all our spending and cuts have to be made, so they scream about how these cuts will hurt people… yet none of this refutes the fact that WE. CAN’T. AFFORD. IT.

And that’s who the left is really angry at: Reality. It’s the one that says women have to have babies. It’s the one that made math and imposes it on budgets. But no matter how much you scream, reality is never bullied.

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11 Responses to “Whining at Reality”

  1. Peregrine John says:

    There’s a logical fallacy that describes this sort of near-changing of the subject. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was, but it’d be a useful one to keep around, so whenever this happens (daily, I daresay) you could just invoke its name and everyone would (a) look up the blessed thing so they know you’re onto them, and (b) know that you see right through this kind of crap and can explain it in a short phrase instead of a ridiculous sentence like this one.

  2. Basil says:

    Reality must be racist.

  3. AwesometificAmerican says:

    This is the problem with all Ponzi schemes. If you get in at the start of one you can make lots of money. Eventually you stop getting new people to join and contribute. So now we have a bunch of seniors that go into the scheme towards the end of it and not enough new blood to support it.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Peregrine, “reductio ad absurdum” works.

  5. Mxymaster says:

    This is not rational behavior. This is the behavior of the addict, the sick mind that ignores reality right into the box. Unfortunately, our national vehicle is being driven by a drunk in denial and we’re trapped inside. And he’s just put the pedal down.

  6. JDavid says:

    I think, by commie-lib deviant math, you get population booms by having more women in the workplace, more babies by killing 55 million babies since ’73, and more babies by marrying someone of the same sex. That is the kind of math by which CA, Ill, NY, and etc, are achieving glorious successes in their state economies.

  7. Iowa Jim says:

    Reality. It’s the one that says women have to have babies. It’s the one that made math

    No!! Math is a construct of the patriarchal capitalist system, you chauvinist pig!!

  8. Keln says:

    @ Peregrine:

    There is ignoratio elenchi, which is arguing a position that misses the point of the problem in question. That the one you looking for?

  9. Peregrine John says:

    Eh, not quite, Jimmy. I’m looking for the one that actually dodges the issue, as opposed to making it ridiculous. In the above,
    Rational Actor: Declining birth rates cause some serious long-term issues.
    Kneejerk Boob: No it doesn’t, because having babies isn’t fun and messes with my social agenda!

    The net effect is that the false argument boils down to “Well nuh uh, because shut up!” It’s usually followed by shaming language, absurd suggestions, gross generalizations, and horribly skewed (and usually irrelevant) statistics. All of them appear in the Nation article and comments, of course.

  10. RAML says:

    One thing I have not seen mentioned is maybe a lot of women do not want to bring their children in obarfa’s world.

  11. Fly says:

    I’ll vote for the yummy “red herring”. Survey says?

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