Every year, at the end of the year, there are always lists. I haven’t seen a list of lists yet, but I’m sure someone has one.

Time has a list. It’s about words:

If we could put a piece of culture in a steel vault and sink it into the blackest depths of the deepest ocean? In a special editon of Wednesday Words, TIME asks you to give it a try, by voting on which word or phrase people need to delete from their vocabulary in 2013.

What words does Time suggest?

  • 47%
  • 99%
  • 110%
  • adorkable
  • amazeballs
  • artisanal
  • cray
  • fiscal cliff
  • gangnam style
  • jelly
  • literally
  • meh
  • mommy porn
  • teehee
  • totes
  • YOLO
  • zombie apocalypse

Now, I could certainly do without lots of these words. In fact, I’ve managed to not utter nearly half of them at all, and of the others that I have said, most were my quoting others, often to make fun of them.

Except “jelly.” Of course, I used it, not to mean “jealous” but to mean the stuff that goes in a sandwich next to the peanut butter. And “cray?” It was capitalized when I used it; I was talking about the supercomputer.

While some of these words are indeed words we do not need to hear again, ever, I’m thinking there are some other words we could do without. “Obama” tops the list. “Harry Reid” is another, although I realize that’s two words. But then, so is “zombie apocalypse,” but there I go repeating myself.

What words would you like to never hear again?

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  1. * Progressives
    * compromise
    * work together (yeah…two words)
    * Bush (as in “It’s Bush’s fault”)
    * assault weapon
    * clips (they’re magazines you dolts!)
    * centrists (that’s a liberal in wolf’s clothing)


  2. – liberal
    – Pelosi
    – fairness
    – justice (as a suffix)
    – millionaires and billionaires (unless referring to my vast fortune, in which case I can hire people to beat up the people who use me for class warfare purposes)
    – Gillibrand (NY edition!)


  3. Raising awareness
    Any kind of “culture” as in “gun culture”, “culture of violence”, et al.
    I’m also sick of the culture of dependence. Not the phrase, but the actual culture.
    Oh, yeah. Racist. Unless you’re referring to MSNBC. Then it is totally appropriate.


  4. You said words, so I’ll try to keep it to single words (which Time did not):
    Compromise (in the liberal, non-compromising context, of course)
    Mandate (in the liberal, non-mandate context, of course. Unless you’re describing what Barack and Joe do behind closed doors)


  5. Global
    -as in Warming

    As far as I am concerned, if they do not adhere to the U. S. Constitution and laws, they are not my responsibility.


  6. Huh. This is the first I’ve ever even heard or heard of a large number of these words. Maybe what these folks need to do is learn some manly vocabulary like ‘malloc’ and ‘cdbl’ and ‘kernel’ and ‘void’ and ‘vec16’, words where you must say precisely what you mean — don’t fret though, we can help you parse what you said and get your words right — then they’ll stop complaining about empty-headed talk.


  7. I think the next person I hear using an internet acronym in spoken voice (“EL OH EL”), I’m just going to punch them in the face.

    Also “tweet, tweeting, tweeted.” I can’t stand that term. Especially when news anchors use it. Just say “Posted to Twitter.” Yes, I realize it’s a whole two extra words, but I’m sure you can manage.


  8. “Bipartisan” (Political speak for: We’re going to blame those other guys)
    “Uhhhhh” (Which would eliminate any speech from Obama)
    “Millionaires & Billionaires” (You know, those jerks we want to go somewhere else with their money)
    “President”…(Well that one should be suspended for about 4 years.)
    “Commander in Chief” (Ditto)
    “Really ??!” (Although, I did use that one, personally, a LOT right after the last election.)


  9. Gun control
    Police action
    Diane Feinstein
    John Kerry
    Under socialized
    Cultural diversity (when used as code for “you have to sacrifice your traditions to accommodate immature terminally offended whiners”)
    Affirmative action

    Okay, most are two words, but I’m still sick of hearing them.



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