Yay! We’re Building the Death Star!

Derek [High Praise!] emailed to let me know that the Death Star petition has met the required 25,000 signatures before today’s deadline.

Like I always say, if you’re going to go over the fiscal cliff anyway, you might as well fly off it in a planet-destroying space station.

Now, with that out of the way, Derek recommends starting petitions for dinosaurs with rocket launchers, the Mexi-Cannon and nuking the moon.

Any other suggestions?

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  1. Well, since the Mexi-Cannon is already in use, albeit by Mexican smugglers, we can probably whip up a knockoff really cheap. Tack that in, and start on the dinosaurs.

    As for the Death Star, I think we need a prototype just large enough to wipe out a nation. Wouldn’t that be great, floating over Pyongyang? Give them something to think about.



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