10 Other Wacky Scheme Obama Can Use to Handle Debt

There’s been a lot of talk about Obama going around the debt ceiling by printing a trillion dollar coin as apparently the president has the authority to make coins. I can just imagine them then giving that coin to Biden for safekeeping leading to the most hilarious episode yet of the Obama administration.

Anyway, I think this trillion dollar coin is a great idea as the Obama administration really needs more wacky schemes. I mean, the government has always had wacky scheme in the past — like Social Security — and maybe it’s a time to once against embrace that tradition. So here’s a few other ideas for the Obama adminstration to try out as long as they’re up for it:


* Obama and Michelle go around the world visiting all the world’s nations — though their visits will just be a big distraction as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi do daring capers to rob the gold vault of each country.

* Obama will challenge all other countries to a race around the world. If he loses, the debt is doubled, but if he wins, all debt is forgiven!

* Fundraiser to help ensure Sandra Fluke doesn’t accidentally reproduce. Extra funds raised beyond the ten bucks for birth control pills can go to paying down debt.

* Pretend Canada invaded us and surrender to them. Now that we’re part of Canada, American debt no longer applies.

* Burn down California for the insurance money.

* Pretend America died and thus can’t be expected to pay its debt anymore. Have entire population done up in zombie makeup if any country comes here to check on that story.

* All states secede except for Rhode Island. So now Rhode Island is the one that has all the debt. Sorry, dude.

* When questioned about the deficit, just point to the record-breaking number of women in the Senate and say, “We had them do the budget math — and you know women and math.”

* New job for President and all of Congress: Sit in dunking booth all the day at $20 a ball. Should raise trillions.

* Surrender in the war on terror to the terrorists. Ha, suckers, now you have the 16 trillion in debt!

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  1. Just one suggestion about the dunking tank.
    Forego the little round target thing, and throw directly at the politicians.


  2. Use a fake SSN when applying for international loans. Collect the money, then move and don’t leave a forwarding address.


  3. Print biodegradable, green money. Then, dig a big hole in the ground and pour all the green money in it. Cover the hole and watch the debt disappear while holding your nose.

    Wait. That’s what I want to do to Washington. Never mind.


  4. To make even more money at the dunk tank, you could throw your own balls for $20 a ball or pay $100 a ball to have a pro baseball pitcher throw them for you.


  5. There’s been a lot of talk about Obama going around the debt ceiling by printing a trillion dollar coin as apparently the president has the authority to make coins.

    In this obscure document called the US Constitution, it says “The Congress shall have power . . . To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin”. I probably shouldn’t be trusted on this, because I attended law school, but I’d say that that provision gives Congress, and not His Majesty King Obama the power to make coins. I think that the members of Congress should actually make the coins. It would be a new experience for most of them to do something useful.


  6. I don’t think the Fed is actually ‘printing’ the money to cover the debt because I see we still have trees around here that haven’t been turned into paper yet.
    More likely they just keep adding another zero onto the end of their total of so-called assets.
    Hooray! We have 10 times as much as we did before!
    Maybe we should base our currency on the value of a pint of potable water, something with real value.



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