A Job Bit Obama as a Child

Do you know it’s been over a year since Obama’s jobs council has had a meeting? Because, you know, Obama’s just cares so much about unemployment.

Now that it’s Obama’s 2nd term, I really think he’s just done with the jobs issue. I mean, he’d try to pass some useless jobs bill every so often during his first term, but he never seemed that interested in unemployment — especially not compared to big progressive ideas like taking over health care. So why doesn’t Obama care about lack of jobs? I have theory. I’m guessing that once when he was young, he had a job — an actual job where one is expected to do actual useful things that contribute to the economy and your performance can be objectively measured. And of course, he hated this more than anything and forever after has wanted to destroy all jobs so he could never again be threatened with the possibility of getting one.

It’s just a theory, but it does fit all the available data.

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  1. Obama never had a job. That’s why he’s so confused anyone would ever want one. He thinks everyone just waits for a George Soros or Saudi Arabian millionaire to pay your way for you…just like he did.


  2. I’m curious–what useless job bills did he try to pass? My recollection is, there were none. He talked–a lot–about “focusing on jobs like a laser beam” and “making jobs the number one priority” and “making the economy job one” and “the summer of recovery” and other catchy little phrases ad nauseum. But I don’t remember him actually proposing a single thing. Maybe I’m just getting old–can you refresh my memory?


  3. For his next supposed Jobs Initiative, Barry is going out and look for some of these unknown [to him] job-thingies.
    Hard to know what to do, or similar, if you don’t know what ‘they’ look like, how ‘they’ function or where ‘they’ actually do live.
    He’ll take Billy-Bob, Biden, and Kerry along with him. They know ALL About that stuff………
    First Stop : That dark, mysterious land called ‘North Dakota’…….



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