A Lot of Arguing Over How Much Nothing We Were Going to Do

So if you were in suspense of exactly how we were going to avoid both the fiscal cliff and doing anything productive about the deficit, it’s all over… at least until March. Despite all the arguing, there wasn’t actually a bill out there that made us magically able to afford all the government we have now; I just don’t get all this conflict when it’s all over to what degree do we not take the problems of our bloated government seriously. Plus, it’s obvious Obama didn’t even care anything about the deficit and just wanted taxes raised on the “rich” to placate his dummy supporters. Man, is that guy absolutely useless. In the future, we’ll look on people who voted to reelect Obama in the same way we today look at blatant racists from the 60s — that’s just stupidity to the point it’s a moral failing.

So what now? It’s obvious nothing much good is going to happen in the next four years, so we will just bide our time and plot our revenge — that being a a truly fair budget plan. A plan in which the federal government’s budget is actually balanced and all of Congress responsible for the deficit and Obama will be imprisoned for treason and have all their assets confiscated. That will be my vow as president when elected in 2016.

Frank J. 2016: REVENGE!!!!

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  1. Obama is a brilliant man. If the Republicans didn’t act to compromise then they get blamed for letting financial disaster happen, refusing to work together, blah blah blah.

    If the Republicans do act to compromise then they are able to be blamed when it doesn’t work and they start screaming that they told us it wouldn’t work.

    Look for this to repeat itself and and the debt limit to get raised.

    Yes, Obama is brilliant. Of course, so was most other person in history who was Hell-bent on toppling a government and oppressing the general population – these people just also happened to be selfish sadists as well.


  2. Why hasn’t anyone photo shopped Frank J’s head onto an Iron Man suit with the tag line.

    FRANK J: 2016

    I will gladly show up at the convention with a button that says

    Frank J Fleming
    AVENGE ME!!!!!!


  3. Pretty telling that Boehner told Harry Reid to go F- himself. Clearly demonstrates that Harry Reid can attack the country, the troops, tax payers, lawful gun owners, etc., etc., and John Boehner can’t muster any resentment – it’s not until Harry Reid says something negative about Boehner that Boehner gets mad. Time for John Boehner to go, and be replaced by a real conservative with backbones…not Cantor.


  4. “so we will just bide our time and plot our revenge”

    What? Against millions of people who will die if they don’t get their entitlements?

    Not. Going. To. Happen.


  5. “Living well is the best revenge.”
    – George Herbert, English clergyman & metaphysical poet (1593 – 1633)



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