And Here I Thought Kosher Bacon Was an Oxymoron

After Denise [High Praise!] mentioned that kosher bacon exists (and is not just a Mel Brooks line from The Muppet Movie), I went a-Googling.

There are actually several different kinds, but apparently, the best is made from lamb.

Here’s one Jew’s review:

OK just made 1 batch in the frying pan. It looked a little too lamb-like at first but by the time it was ready it was definitely bacon! Pretty salty, but I think that’s how it’s supposed to be. I have never eaten the real thing but have seen and smelled it many times and this was what I imagined it would taste like

Kosher bacon – your baconest dream come true.

UPDATE: High Praise! to Former Hostage for the Kosher Bacon symbol in the comments:


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  1. I believe “The Princess Bride” (movie) covered this already, with “Mutton, lettuce and tomato” sandwich.

    Spreading the bacon (or near-bacon) experience will eventually make the world a good a peaceful place. As long as you leave MY bacon alone, that is.


  2. And so it came to pass that breakfast eaters did feast upon the lamb bacon and the pomegranate and pancakes with syrup and the orangutan and onions and those little meat balls with the gravy so sayeth the lord.

    /Cardinal Fang


  3. “Kosher bacon” is chicken skin. They’ve been selling at the kosher deli up the street from me for the past 20 years.



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