Another Surprise From the Obama Economy

The American Express Company said it planned to cut about 5,400 jobs.

Who’d have thought that under Obama’s presidency the debt business would be shrinking?

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  1. This is a serious questions. Does no one in this country pay attention to what’s going on? I know there are a few folks that seem to be able to accept reality for what it is, but the vast majority seems to have some kind of allergy to reality that borders on the psychotic.


  2. !) People are unemployed
    2) Unemployed people cannot pay credit card debt.
    3) Less people are needed to process payments.
    4) The Circle of Life.

    It’s like Science! and Math! on a date!


  3. No worries, people!

    Look for Our Fearless Leader to bail out Amex like he did GM. He will ride in, on his rainbow-flatulating golden unicorn, side-saddle of course, open his sacks of Obama-Stash Money (not that “stash”, the other one) while a Latino/Black juvenile choir angelically serenades him with choruses from “The Candy Man” and “Barack Hussein Obama-mmmm-mmm-mmm”.



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