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Did you hear that Megan Fox believes in leprechauns? She tells Esquire, “We should all believe in leprechauns. I’m a believer.”

She also tells Esquire that believes in Big Foot, aliens, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Bell Witch (whatever the hell that is).

Now, before we all start picking on her, let’s consider what a lot of other Hollywood types believe:

  • Obama is smart
  • Christians hate gays
  • America is evil
  • Guns, not bad people, are the problem
  • People who aren’t them shouldn’t have protection
  • They matter

So, as much as I snicker about Ms. Fox’s belief in fairies and monsters, I think those kinds of silly beliefs won’t bankrupt the economy.

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  1. Basil, this post isn’t right.

    Megan Fox also said the following about Obama: “I think he’s very sexy,” the sultry starlet said at last night’s party celebrating GQ’s annual Men of the Year list (Obama is among the honorees). “And God help me because I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying this, but I think he’s so articulate and so intelligent and so charismatic when he delivers speeches, that there is something very sexy about that—very!”

    Clearly the girl is mentally retarded. And, it’s not right to make fun of the mentally retarded.


  2. Megan Fox…this is Manti T’eo…Manti, Megan.

    [Should be a match made in Middle Earth since the both of them seem to believe in unseen things.]

    [Which is NOT to advance the notion that leprechauns do not exist. They do indeed, preferring to congregate in the Gougane Bara where they chase sprites and woodnymphs, puff on long clay pipes, and take generous pulls from barrels of Bushmills-which they appropriate from the northern Irish distillery on their way back from mirthful pro-Republican harrassments of the UDF and other Prod-Loyalist organisations.]


  3. Remember, if you think know Obama is stupid, you’re a racist but if you’re amazed that a n african american black guy can speak English so he’s therefore very “articulate’, you’re not. Someone should tell this bimbo he’s reading every word he says, she’ll be doubly impressed.

    By the way, the term is f’ing retard.


  4. Magical life-faries transform inanimate matter into babies at the exact moment a birth is finished.

    Alternatively, women swell up and detach a part of their bodies that become a separate human being once fully detached. (Basically, women are amoebas)



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