Best Thing for the Economy: Don’t Anger the Toddler

So the economy has contracted — decreased by 0.1% — for the fourth quarter. Great thing we reelected Obama, because this stimulus thing sure is taking a really long time to kick in. But don’t worry, Obama is working hard to raise taxes, give amnesty to illegal immigrants, and pass gun control.

It really seems like now that the election is over, Obama is just ignoring the economy. He never seemed to care much about it before with all the “I’m finally going to pivot towards jobs! This time for real!” but with his reelection, I think he’s completely done with it so he can work on his piddling crap issues he thinks will leave him a liberal legacy. So prepare for more job crushing policies as we take on climate change or something.

Of course, probably the best thing Obama can do for the economy is ignore it. Let’s say you’re trying to build a house of cards and there is a toddler around. In that situation, you’re not usually hoping the toddler will get smart and help you. Instead, you’re just hoping the toddler doesn’t touch it or shake the table. Which is asking a lot when the toddler we’re talking about is Obama.

Don’t tell him I said that or he’ll throw a tantrum.

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