Cartoon of the Day – Crisis Averted

[Source: Michael Ramirez –]

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  1. Brilliant, and yet incredibly depressing.

    Reminds me how much I hate the baby boomers for allowing things to get this bad, for gambling my future and losing, and for selfishly deciding that for the first time in our country, their kids didn’t need to have a better life than they did. I find myself identifying with Christopher Buckley’s book “Boomsday” more and more every day.


  2. As a baby boomer, you’re right KristenS, of course. However, why is it that “your generation” (assuming you’re young) hasn’t woken up to this and told us old guys to f**k off?

    Answer: their brains are mush – and THAT’s an even worse problem.

    (Abolish Social Security and Medicare and let us boomers die on our own. I’m serious.)


  3. You know the saying “if you’re over 30 and liberal you have no brains, and if you’re under 30 and conservative you have no heart,” …. well, I’ve never had a heart, but you’re right– my fellow twenty-somethings are pretty stupid, although I believe polls indicated a higher number of them voted for Romney this past time around. I keep trying to talk with my friends about what idiots they are, but I hear the same reasons over and over:

    -Obama doesn’t actually have that much control over the economy, and ppl are mean for trying to say that he is, and blaming him for stuff he couldn’t control anyway.
    -I want a job, but gay marriage is more important and I’d rather live in my parent’s basement knowing I helped Steve and Seth get married.
    -It’s those mean bankers who have so much more money than they need. Why can’t they just solve all these problems by paying more taxes?

    So…. your point stands, they’re idiots 🙂 but I (naively) wish those who’ve been around the block and know how this works would just step up and do what’s best for their kids and grandkids.



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