Defense Against Tyrranny

Posted on January 11, 2013 11:00 am

Piers Morgan is pretty pompous and dumb, so I don’t really see why he’s been getting so much attention, but still it was pretty nice to see Ben Shapiro take him on. Though I cringed at hearing semi-autos referred to as “assault rifles,” it was nice to see someone stick up for them. My preferred argument about “assault weapons” (read “scary looking guns”) is that in a country of rights, law-abiding citizens don’t need to justify to some snooty Brit why they want something. Still, Shapiro stuck to the defense against tyranny argument. You don’t hear that one that much as it always sounds kinda nutty in such a peaceful country, but it’s true.

Really, guns are the ultimate check and balance against government. And since the government serves the people but doesn’t rule them, it should always have a healthy fear of its citizens (while, on the other hand, the people should never have cause to fear the government). Inane politicians may have many plans to change this nation, but they should always keep in mind that the people they’re trying to push around have many scary looking guns — ones with folding stocks and pistol grips!

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15 Responses to “Defense Against Tyrranny”

  1. Mrs. C says:

    I know you are not in LA, but maybe you could call in to Ben Shapiro’s show on The Answer . . . I’d love to head you two talk guns. I like his argument against tyranny, but I agree with yours (in a country of rights, law-abiding citizens don’t need to justify {gun ownership}) more.

  2. AwesometificAmerican says:

    I wonder when Britain will own up to the fact that if they were not such jerks nearly 300 years ago that gun violence in America would not be a problem today. By the transitive property since Piers Morgan is British and it was his ancestors dickery that caused America to revolt and put in our Constitution the means to resist further attempts at imperial jackassery, Piers Morgan is therefore responsible for Sandy Hook.

  3. TedWade73 says:

    Ever notice where thag neighborhods where gangs are ascendant look an awful lot like the typical neighborhoods in authoritarian regimes? The defense against tyranny may seem like a quaint notion in our lives in the US, but oppression from the government is not the only tyranny we must guard against. Criminals are oppressors as well. When you start talking about the really organized gangs and syndicates it becomes difficult to tell who is truly governing a given neighborhood. When the law abiding are disarmed in those areas there becomes little to stand in the way of criminal organizations becoming de facto shadow governments.

  4. TedWade73 says:

    Really wishing for an edit option right now.

  5. Iowa Jim says:

    Piers Morgan is pretty pompous and dumb, so I don’t really see why he’s been getting so much attention

    I’ve always assumed that he got attention because he was pompous and dumb. Being pompous and dumb seems to be a good way to get attention. Think of Al Gore or Joe Biden or Chris Matthews or any member of the View.

  6. Doug says:

    A few years ago, Piers Morgan made fun of President Bush and his riding of a Segway, two wheeler.
    A week or so later I saw a video of Piers Morgan riding a Segway. He lost control and hit the curb with a violent face plant (and even more violent irony) that broke bones. When I hear his name or I’m depressed or just need a laugh, I rerun that video in my mind. Piers Morgan, what a funny guy!

  7. Harvey says:

    @6 – Here’s the video:

    Skip ahead to about the 40 second mark for the money shot (which is repeated about 3 or 4 times at the end of the video).

  8. Doug says:

    Thanks, Harvey! That video in my mind has now been upgraded to HD. (And, wow, you’re quick!)

  9. Jimmy says:

    And as a famous philosopher and novelist once said, “…a country of inviolate homes…”

    … where inhabitants are prepared to blow your head clean off if you invade their homes with intent to commit harm.

    (I added that last part.)

  10. NoMoBama says:

    His name is P I E R S, what else do you need to know? I think England sucks, that explains why I’m not there so what’s his excuse? Oh that’s right, if he goes home, he might go to jail. I wonder if that has anything to do with why he’s here? hmmmmm I’m sure he’d be welcomed wherever Roman Polanski is, why doesn’t he go there? I wonder if the fact that there’s no CNN there, willing to pay him to be a douche bag, has anything to do with that one? hmmmmm

  11. Ogrrre says:

    Those British &$$%@##s BEGGED the US for guns so they could defend themselves from Germany before we got drawn into WW2. The citizens of the US responded by sending their own firearms to Britain. I say, if the situation ever comes up again, say for instance against Islamists, to tell them to go perform an anatomically impossible act with themselves.

  12. Bunkerhillbilly says:

    His name is P I E R S, what else do you need to know?

    Erm…that the Duke of Douche, Earl of Rumblebottom by the Poove, will, according to the White House, be permitted to remain in the U.S. and afforded First Amendment rights despite his not being a citizen.

    In related news, the White House has reiterated that Roman Catholic institutions and Christian businesses will not be afforded First Amendment protections and must dispense contraception.

  13. burt says:

    It occurs to me that Piers is inclined to use the first amendment for the purpose of bullying his guests. Perhaps it is time to outlaw ‘Assualt Verbiage’.

  14. Ben says:

    The same bunch who spent the last four years selling guns to Mexican drug lords, now wants to spend the next four taking away the guns of the law abiding.

    Why is this an issue? Why does the Obama administration have any credibility in this issue at all?

    The Emperor is not only naked, he’s jerking off him public!

  15. fnord says:

    Piers Morgan, filling all of your feminine hygine needs.

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