Everything Wrong with the Dark Knight in 3 Minutes or Less

I really liked The Dark Knight Rises, but this video makes a lot of good points:

And the Batman voice just always undermined any seriousness any of the Dark Knight movies attempted.

There is also an Everything Wrong with Prometheus video, but that’s four minutes. Seems liked you’d need even more time.

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  1. That was fun. 🙂 This is exactly the stuff that drives me batty, though they found a lot of funny ones I missed. One they missed that bugged me is *spoiler* that they essentially say how stupid it was for Batman to take the blame in the previous flick. It made no sense then and now they are trying to use that fact as a plot twist? Ugh.

    Also, there’s more than you every wanted to know about Prometheus at comicbookgirl19.



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