Finally: The 2nd Term

Oh man, am I glad Obama’s 2nd inauguration is over. That period between the election and the start of the 2nd term was the absolute worst. I was like, “Oh, this is so awful… and we haven’t even started the 2nd term! We’re not even half way through this yet!” But now the inauguration is over with and we’re on the countdown to the end of this. I mean, our government has a lot of problems, and hopefully we’ll be able to get them in (now a little under) four years.

You notice, though, how this reelection victory hasn’t made the left any happier? Like I saw a bunch still taking shots at Romney during inauguration. That makes sense, because what was Obama’s reelection about? It was about: Romney is bad. He had no positive message for this country as we already experienced four years of Obama and knew not to expect anything useful out of him, so it was all fear-mongering — and no one is even sure exactly what they were fearing Romney was going to do. Be really really rich?

But expect the left to get in even a worse mood in Obama’s 2nd term. I mean, they acted happy for Obama’s reelection, but deep in their hearts they know Obama is a useless failure and they’re looking forward to four years of reality mocking all their ideals while they have to prop up their inane twit Obama and act like he’s doing great. I almost pity them. Hopefully they’ll get smart enough to turn on Obama soon, or they’re going to get very depressed and insane. And Obamacare won’t help them there; there aren’t drugs powerful enough to make Obama look competent.

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  1. Actually there is no President anymore. Obama is just a figment of his own Socialist imagination and a creation by the Media. And the United States of America doesn’t even exist anymore except geographically.



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