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It’s getting kind of hard for me to concentrate on this blog or anything else right now because… I’m almost done with my first novel manuscript! SarahK and I are in the process of the final read through (she already did the major editing) getting rid of the last few errors and then I just need to format it right and I’m done (for some reason, I wrote it with a space between each paragraph like I do blog posts and I found out you’re not supposed to do that so I have to find a way to easily get rid of a million blank lines interspersed throughout).

Anyway, it’s a complete rewrite of a story I did a long while back piece by piece on my blog, Superego, done so now it’s a full sized novel. It follows some of the same plot, but there’s only maybe a sentence or two from the original in the new version as it was basically written from scratch (and expanded from 40,000 words to over 100,000).

Once the manuscript is done, then it will be time to try and get it published. I’m going to try to get a traditional publisher (I mean, I am already a published author — just not in fiction), but in the least I’ll self-publish as it is really good and I can’t wait for more people to read it.

So, that’s my big thing right now. And I’m actually over 90,000 words into the first draft of another novel, though it will probably be quite a while until that one is ready. So I’m going to be a novelist; we’ll just see how successful a one.

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  1. I have a new Graphic Novel. It’s about a waffle whose parents put him in a waffle iron, when he was just a dollop of batter and send him to earth when their planet is about to be destroyed. He later discovers that Earth syrup’s maple flavoring gives him great strength and ability. As an adult He fights crime and injustice. I’m calling it SuperEggo.

    [Banned! -Ed]


  2. If your book can be opened in WORD you get rid of the extra blank lines by doing a global replace.
    Click the home tab then the replace tab. Expand the find and replace dialogue by clicking more. Under Find what: type ^p^p (you can see all the special format codes by clicking special at the bottom of the find and replace dialogue.) Under replace with: type ^p. Finally click replace all.

    One further note. Sometimes people put spaces and/or tabs between paragraphs so if the above doesn’t work. replace all Tabs (^t) with a space and then all 2-spaces with 1-space.



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