Great Take on Hillary’s “What Does It Matter” Comment

[High Praise! to Hope n’ Change Cartoons]

I also recommend clicking over for the commentary.


Is this now officially the worst economic recovery in our nation’s history? What does it matter?!

Has Obama’s Jobs Council not even pretended to meet in over a year? What does it matter?!

Is one out of four kids in America now using foodstamps? What does it matter?!

Will raising taxes kill more jobs and become a disincentive for investing in America? What does it matter?!

Will Iran soon have nuclear missiles with which to wipe out Israel? What does it matter?!

Did the president of the United States use his inaugural address to viciously attack capitalism and foment class warfare? What does it matter?!

We could could go on and on, but you get the point. We all get the point. Hillary has coined the perfect phrase to represent the Elitist Left in this country- because nothing matters to them except getting the results they want. No question of morality, responsibility, or even logic. If they think it’s the right thing to do, then what does it matter if our nation goes to hell?

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  1. * The Senate hasn’t passed a budget in four years? What does it matter?

    * I haven’t had an ale in over 24 hours? What does it matter? Wait… It matters. I’m thirsty.


  2. Did Republicans find it too inconvient to stop, before or after work, to vote last November? “What does it matter?”


  3. If this administration has gotten away with lies. subterfuge, and illegal operations that would shock Richard Nixon’s staff…What does it matter??


  4. ….What i wondered while she was “testifying’ and blathering such oral feces :
    The CongressPeople in attendance are not laughing themselves sick and it seems to ‘affect’ most, not-hardly at all. What does ‘that’ matter……



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