Gun Control Proponents Have Already Lost Interest

If you were worried about big movement on gun control, good news: Apparently everyone has already forgotten about it.

One of the reasons gun control has trouble getting traction in America (other than that in this country we tend to like liberty) is of how disproportionate the passion is between people for gun control and gun owners. The thing is, most people for gun control only care about it when some tragedy strikes, but they’ll soon lose interest as it’s not like they encounter guns every day and it’s mainly a theoretical issue for most of them. But gun owners buy and own guns, and any gun control law is going to continually effect them long after everyone else has forgotten about it. And many gun owners will vote just on gun issues while few people for gun control proponents will do the same.

So here we are weeks after a tragedy, and all those who were screaming something about how something must be done about guns are now more focused on how something must be done on taxing the rich, but the gun owners are still angry and suspicious of new gun legislation coming.

Gun owners own the gun issue, and as long as we promote gun ownership and respect of guns in the next generation, they always will.

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  1. And soon, America will forget about the ‘fiscal cliff’ because the next fake battle will be the debt ceiling. They’ll soon forget about that, too, because America has ADD: Attention to Debt Disorder.


  2. I’ve had good success with just jingling my keys when someone goes into a anti gun rant. I think if we all just started jingling our keys every time a liberal started talking stupid, they would just get distracted and move on to something else. If not at least they would probably find it annoying if someone started jingling their keys every time they opened their mouths and anything that annoys a liberal MUST have some merit.


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