Hagel and Tantrums

And what’s with his weird, sad eyes? He looks so sad I want to punch him.

I don’t like Hagel. Never have (in fact, here’s an early In My World where I had Rumsfeld push him repeatedly down stairs). He just seems to go out of his way to be disliked by Republicans — and only using being a Republican to help with that. The media eats that up. “Here’s a prominent Republican critical of absolutely everything about Republicans!”

Despite Hagel technically being a Republican, this pick really seems like Obama just sticking his thumb in the eye of his opponents. You’d think that since Obama won reelection he’d be less likely to throw childish tantrums, but I think he knows his best days are already behind him. He’s never going to be as popular again as when he first took office, and he’s not going to have a huge Democrat majority again like he did back then. So tantrums. That’s what we have to look forward to for four years.

So what do we do for four years? I guess we just try to ride this out, work on the culture and getting people to accept conservative ideals about the size and role of government again. Stock up on ammo and buy AR-15s before they possibly get banned. And we still need to look forward to a bright future — it’s just at minimum a lot further in the future than we’d like.

And in 2016: The Frank J. candidacy. And the return of American awesomeness.

Frank J. 2016: A bright future for all… except for the left among whom there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

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