I Like Drawing Circles

So we’re going from a Treasury Secretary who didn’t know to pay taxes to one who can’t even write his own name.

It’s actually kind of nice that Obama is really going out of his way to demonstrate that for his second term he’s learned absolutely nothing and will be no better than before — maybe even worse. The results would just be much worse to endure if he tricked us into having some optimism.

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  1. He’s just used to writing out all of the zeroes needed to express the size of the national debt.

    (Which actually means that it’ll be good for that signature to appear on all U.S. paper money. Now, all anyone has to do is write a “16” or whatever other insane figure in front of it, to remind the next person who gets the dollar of how badly Lew’s boss is wrecking the economy!)


  2. Actually, Hussain Osama is demonstrating his “hire the Handicapped” campaign. He doesn’t want to hire anyone more intelligent that his Joe Biden. He finds that they disagree with him less.



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