I Want Heat-Seeking Bullets!

[High Praise! to Moonbattery]

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Fortunately this was from way back in 2007, and gun-grabbing liberals have since educated themselves in the accurate use of firearm and ammunition terminology, saving themselves the embarrassment of such awkward gaffes as we engage in reasonable discussions about common-sense gun control.

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  1. Heat seeking bullets? That’s awesome, sign me up, too, please.
    On the other hand, while it was funny, I’m pretty sure that clucking hen in the video won’t help even a little bit.


  2. If that gun was to be restricted to Military Use only it would carry an “M” designation.

    And if that gun is so dangerous why would they allow it to be in that room with all those unarmed people? I mean really? How was there not a sh!t-ton of dead people with a gun so dangerous just lying around, surrounded by irresponsible gun owners.



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