I Wholeheartedly Agree With Harry Reid on This

During an interview, Harry Reid said that President Obama accomplished more in his first two years than FDR did in his four terms.

Absolutely. FDR didn’t even bow to one single foreign leader that whole time.

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  1. True. Obama has accomplished more than FDR ever dreamed of doing!

    OK now everyone knows that FDR was friendly with Joseph Stalin. They needed Stalin to fight Hitler. And FDR was ‘rumored’ to have Soviet Spies on his payroll in the Whitehouse. Of course you can’t actually prove that FDR approved of Communism. Nor can anyone prove that FDR knew of Communist spies in his administration.

    Obama on the other hand openly hired Communists. He came from a family of Communists. He was born in a Communist Country. He brazenly preaches his own brand of Communism (Obammunism) from his Pulpit in DC and he is friendly with the American Communist Party.

    The DemocRats. They have come a long way baby!



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