Instead of a helmet…

As a gag gift — I think it was a gag gift — Hillary Clinton received a football helmet when she returned to her job at the State Department.

She also got a football jersey, but the helmet, I suppose, represented the fact that she fell and hit her head recently. With that helmet protecting her, at least she’ll stay conscious long enough to testify, I suppose.

Anyway, my first thought was of the character that Mike Meyers used to play on Saturday Night Live, Philip, the hyperactive, hypoglycemic kid (“I’m hyper hypo!”), who wore a helmet and a harness.

A helmet might not be a bad idea for members of the Obama administration. Of course, I’m thinking a leash might be better for the whole lot of them.

And a muzzle.

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  1. How about a shock collar, buttons pushed by Lottry-Drawn taxpayers, and the controller changes hands every day?
    Where in hell do we sign up for that one?
    I’ll supply the batteries and boy, will they be ‘mam-bozers’…
    Who wants to do the armature…?


  2. Upon returning to work, she immediately contacted leaders of Congress to testify on Benghazi. Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahhaaha!



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