Librarian Law Maker

Do you know there is a Librarian of Congress? And apparently she can pass laws! So if you’re in Congress and the librarian says, “Shh!” you better listen because she can have you executed.

So what law did the librarian somehow make? You can’t unlock your phone. Really? It says, “Slide to unlock” on the front of each one. Sounds like entrapment to me.

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  1. Meanwhile, here in MA, Obama Jr. wants his future voters to get out of their life sentences after 15 years. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a $500,000 fine for murder either. Maybe they’ll get behind the death penalty when it’s for things like this.

    Gee, I wonder why us sane people say these liberal pukes are on the side of the criminals?


  2. …in other words, basically, yet another czar. America is the land of anti-czar. Time to do away with czars.



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