Link of the Day: Bloomberg: Ban ‘Rifleman’ Re-Runs On Television

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Bloomberg: Ban ‘Rifleman’ Re-Runs On Television

Yeah, I had to be told this was satire.

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  1. Did anyone ever do a body-count on the Rifleman show? or Gunsmoke? or Bonanza?
    It was a rare episode where at least one desperado didn’t bite the dust, and sometimes they (Lucas McCain and the good folks of North Fork) would gun down a whole gang before the last commercial break.
    Still, compared to the modern crime shows, where apparently the only crime that ever gets committed in America is murder (shown in 3-D, full color, slow motion and X-ray mode) the violence in Westerns was antiseptic and even possibly redeeming.
    Many’s the black-hat cowboy bad-guy who I saw go to his death with words of grudging admiration on his lips, “Ya got me, pard’ner!”.
    That admission of failure, and recognition of a superior power, might be enough for a eleventh hour, fiftynineth minute and fiftynineth-and-a-half second salvation play, or not, but there was never ANY doubt that the guy left standing in the street and coolly reloading his firearm of chose was the guy who deserved to win.
    I demand Morally Unambiguous Television Programing!


  2. @1 4of7

    i have to disagree that the only crime that is committed is murder. we currently use rape for entertainment. the entire series Law & Order: SVU is based on it. other than that, i agree with you.


  3. #4 – jw,
    Yeah, that’s true, but remember it’s often combined as rape/murder for extra prurient interest appeal.



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