Link of the Day: Finally! Proof the Government Is Coming for Your Guns

[High Praise! to The Duffel Blog]

Military Drawing Up Plans for Nation-wide Gun Confiscations

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  1. Obama still needs to turn all ‘Right Wingers’ into radicals, enemies of his State and a threat to (Inter)National Security.

    So he will have to order the assassination of a key figure in the black (or gay) community and then pin the murder on the Glenn Beck/Tea Party/Limbaugh/Right Wing Radio guys. They will be the first to die in shootouts with the FEDS or to be accused of being tied to Domestic Terrorism. Then the annointed ONE will ARM the Black Panthers, the EPA and ACORN with the authority top remove all threats to AmeriKa with extreme prejudice or just to shoot whoever they please on site.

    Guns are the very least of our worries. A couple of rifles and a shotgun won’t save you if the Obama Zombies want you dead.


  2. @4 – In satire, you have to find the balance between reality and exaggeration. Duffel Blog tends to lean more toward the reality side. It’s a clever blog and I love it for that, but they do end up hitting close to home a lot. It’s not always a comfortable site to read.



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