Link of the Day: The Next Item Liberals Will Ban

[High Praise! to Nuking Politics]

Banning the Silent Killer

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  1. ….going to the bathroom. After all it produces methane, solid waste and cost a lot to take care of. Since liberals don’t crap I’m sure they’re be all over this idea as it were.

    ….life. After all humanity is just a cancer on the planet. Let’s wipe them out so that the earth will become clean and pure again. Of course if the earth is clean and pure and there’s no one to see it will it make any difference.


  2. That “Nuken” is one funny feller. But I gotta tell ya, that gal “Anonymiss” in the comments was a real hoot.


  3. Resistance! The Borg-like Liberal Collective will ban our right to resist.

    We are Obama, resistance is futile. Your life as it has been is over.
    We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.

    From this time forward, you will service us, the O’Borg….
    ooops I mean the Obama



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