Link of the Day: The Uncomfortable Truth About the Second Amendment

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I Didn’t Shoot the Sheriff, But He and I Might Shoot the Deputies


The wonderful if horrifying fact is that the 2nd Amendment wasn’t made for hunting, or for target practice. It exists to acknowledge and enshrine the right of the People and the States to defense… the right to kill bad people when necessary. It writes into (supposedly) immutable law the self-delegated authority to kill one’s attackers, and to defend those you deem need defending.

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  1. From “The Shoreline Times” (a newspaper in CT), from an article published 12/08/11 by Tedd Levy, who was reporting on the annual Torch Light Parade held in Old Saybrook, CT:
    ( Of note: “Citizen soldiers” referred to males 18 or older. They would sign the roll during the annual town muster) The first paragraph says it all, IMHO..The rest I included because I have a Celtic background!

    “In the English colonies of America, an annual day was held for citizen soldiers to be mustered, or called in, for training and to make sure they had a weapon. Each town had its own military company and the Selectmen were responsible for ensuring there was enough powder and ball to defend the people and their homes.

    After brief and disorganized “drills” and maneuvers on the town green, the rest of the day was spent socializing and making merriment. This often included an ample supply of rum provided by commanders seeking to win the cooperation of their men and music from the fife and drum corps.

    Fifes and drums are both ancient instruments used by armies for relaying orders to soldiers in camp or in battle. And, the beat and rhythm of the drum with the high shrill pitch of the fife carries well and keeps soldiers minds from dwelling too much on unpleasant conditions or tedious marches….

    Modeled on the pattern of a military ceremony known as a “tattoo,” from the Dutch word “tiptoe” meaning to close the tops (of kegs), it was originally a drum beat played to inform tavern keepers that it was time to close their bars and for soldiers to return to their quarters.”


  2. You own you.
    As a person, you have the right to life.
    A right to life without a right to protect and defend that life, is meaningless.
    As the owner of you, and also the one who suffers the result of this decision, you get to choose how to protect and defend that life.
    If you do not have the right to defend yourself, then you do not own yourself.



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