Loaded for Bear RINO

So, Congress has up and passes Obama’s plan. The one where they’ll raise taxes on 77% of Americans.

How did your Congressman vote? Find out here.

Mine voted “no.” Good Congressman.

What about those that voted “yes?” Well, I’m thinking next election, a RINO hunt may be in order.

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  1. The only problem with that plan is that the Government gets to decide which species is protected.
    I’m betting that Osama will declare the “Large-Mouthed Rino” an endangered species.


  2. Paul “Bring Tha Maths” Ryan (WI), presumptive wunderkind for 2016, voted AYE for this sack of…excrement.

    Way to show the courage of one’s convictions and good job with the political Three Card Montie, Boychik

    What’s next…you-tube vids of Ryan being leaked showing him doing rails of blow off of a hooker’s hind end and quaffing MD 20-20 from a communion chalice along with Boehner in the nave of the National Cathedral in D.C.?

    This country is screwed.


  3. Most of the tax increase was the resumption of the previous Social Security withholding rate which was the big “all Americans will get a tax break if you vote for me” promise of 2008 and which was stupid in the first place since it only guaranteed that Social Security would go bankrupt just that much faster.
    My rep is Cohen, who famously compared the TEA party to the Nazis, even though, as was pointed out here, he bares a striking resemblance to that bald-headed little SS agent from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.
    So that for him.



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