Mike Z. Williamson Is Awesome

Know who is awesome? Author Mike Z. Williamson. You should really go and buy all his books (many finally available on Kindle). Most of his novels for Baen Books take place in his own Freehold universe about a libertarian space colony and its conflicts with the old governments of Earth, including his most recent, When Diplomacy Fails, which is the third book in the awesome, fast-paced series following Ripple Creek Security. My favorite of his books, though, is Contact with Chaos about man’s first encounter with an alien species. This had the most hard science of his books and was really fascinating; I hope he does a sequel to it.

Anyway, Mike Z. Williamson is cool and awesome and a great guy and is a veteran and has a ‘Z’ as a middle inital and has a mustache and everyone should buy and read his books.

Do it now!

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  1. I only read digital now, when I can help it. Actual books are inconvenient.

    I see a lot of Baen books are now available free on Kindle (I think they just finally got on Kindle in like the past month), but none of Mike Z. Williamson’s yet. But there is a bigger selection at the Baen free library directly from Baen (which is easy enough to email to one’s Kindle).


  2. You should be able to get mobi formatted files off of Baen’s site which will work in the kindle apps.

    I use a kindle app on an ipod touch and use calibre (which can reformat most non DRMed ebooks to what ever you need) on my desktop to email the books to myself and then open them to the kindle app.



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