Moon Nuker Art

4of7 [High Praise!] sent me a couple of his drawings. Good stuff – they’ll keep your brain busy for a while:

Click to enlarge:

If you look closely at the bottom picture, you’ll notice he included “IMAO” in the design near the top (and also upside down near the bottom, since the image is symmetrical).

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  1. Was that second one done on engineering paper? I only ask because I have spent many a boring class period making similar designs by making triangles out of all the squares and coloring them in. Although, mine were only in pencil and not nearly as large.


  2. Who’s Fibonacci?
    Yes, hand drawn, although I admit I used compass, straight edge, protractor and a grid to help block out each design.
    I draw with a mechanical pencil, then redraw in ink, then color in with colored pencils.
    Each one takes about 4 days to complete (9×11″ drawing paper, mostly).
    I’ve sold about a dozen pictures in the last year (about as many as I’ve given away as Christmas presents last December) so I’m not ready to quit my day job yet, but people tell me I’m getting better.
    In any event, hold onto these, they’ll be worth a fortune some day when I’m rich, famous, and dead. 😉


  3. All are impressive. I like the one on top … with a ‘t’ in the center … and how the design draws everyone to it … and to the ‘world’ to which it is affixed. The whole design is in the shape of a watch … as if to make everyone mindful of time. : )



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