“Need” Has Got Nothing to Do With Guns

Posted on January 16, 2013 7:00 pm

[High Praise! to The Truth About Guns]

The fact is that we live in a country where we have the freedom to pursue our wants and we shouldn’t have to justify those wants to anyone else. If we let the discourse focus on the question of “need” we will have a much higher hill to climb with our fellow citizens than if we frame the question in terms of wants. Everyone can understand the concept of “want” and most people will admit that they likely want or have something that would be difficult to justify to someone who does not share that particular interest.

It’s not that I need a 100-round magazine. It just makes me happy.

Ask Barack about golf sometime. He’ll tell you the same thing.

Except I won’t ask you to pay for my security entourage to follow me to the gun store.

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9 Responses to ““Need” Has Got Nothing to Do With Guns”

  1. jp says:

    A need-based society is a communist society (“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”). I bang my head against the wall, wondering why no one seems to be noticing this, much less pointing it out.

  2. Harvey says:

    @1 – You are, and you did. Bacon to you.

  3. Jimmy says:

    It’s not a question of “want” or “need.” It’s a question of “right.”

    If you want to take away my right to bear arms, then change the Constitution. But don’t be surprised if millions of people shoot you with their guns when you do.

    You can not vote away a human being’s right of self-defense and expect to tell about it.

  4. AwesometificAmerican says:

    Luckily there are companies that now make belt fed uppers for the AR-15 platform. I just need to save the cash and buy one and 10 round magazines will not be a problem.

  5. seanmahair says:

    I find it fascinating that no one in the “media” is drawing a parallel between Hitler’s use of children to ban firearms in Germany as a precursor to the Nazi takeover of Germany and Obama’s use of children to set up a ban on firearms in this country.
    Surely someone out there went to school (secondary or college), took a history class and learned something about WWII other than watching the movies Patton and Tora, Tora, Tora.

    Or maybe I’m delusional. Maybe no one ever paid attention to history. Explains why we seem to need to repeat the mistakes of the past over and over and over again. Some might categorically claim that is insane and they’d be spot on.

  6. Jsmith says:

    Absolutely right. The Constitution doesn’t establish a “need” requirement. It establishes the default position that I am allowed to own “arms”.

  7. seanmahair says:

    Besides the fact that the original intention of the framers of the Constitution was not to ensure duck hunting and target practice were protected. The founders knew the danger of an overreaching and uncontrolled government and wanted to be sure that their posterity had the right to fight against tyranny and injustice whether foreign or domestic. They did not want their descendants to have to experience not just that tyranny but the agony that went with ridding themselves of that kind of government. We should learn from their example.

  8. burt says:

    If I needed a hundred round magazine, it would be the governments job to give one to me.

  9. Writer says:

    With that Logic:
    -I need to be surrounded by people that think and act Logically
    This means that I have the right to eliminate idiots that can’t deal with reality doesn’t it?
    The corollary is that Liberals would become an Endangered Species.
    I can live with that as long as they don’t become a protected one.

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