No, Really, Come and Get Them

[High Praise! to Moonbattery]

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  1. There is an old saying, “Never start a fight with an old guy. He’s old and tired and has lived a long time. He has very little to lose.” I feel the same way about the 2nd amendment. Without it I have very little to lose so, yo homeboy, MOLON LABE. I’m old, you’ve already told me I’m not important enough to keep alive, so if I have to die so my grandchildren won’t lose their rights, I’m good with that. I’ll meet you there.


  2. @4 – The internet is… undefinitive on the topic. The words are two syllables each, but there’s some disagreement over which syllables are accented.

    Also, the general consensus is that the “b” in “labe” is pronounced as a soft “b” that comes out sounding more like a “v”.

    I couldn’t find any audio files and even if I did, there’s no guarantee the creator of it knows jack about speaking Ancient Greek.

    Short answer – just say it like you mean it, and people will assume you’re doing it correctly. Or at least they won’t correct you because they’ll assume your saying it means you’re armed.



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