Now THIS Is a Smart Government Program

Buried in the fiscal cliff deal: a $4 million credit for electric motorcycles.

The money can be used to pay hospital bills if you show up at a biker rally riding one.

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  1. You know I was kinda interested in E-motorsickles when I first heard about them. Seemed at least somewhat plausible compared to a compressed air powered mini-van. But I’ve seen a lot of the vendors saying the batteries only last 500 charges. That’s like one weekend in Vegas or something.


  2. Well it is much smarter than the program that gives credits for transporting some sort of green energy fuel. A Canadian company has accrued enough of these to sell to other companies to make millions of dollars and all they do is have a train keep crossing the border and rack up the credits with the same cargo. I do not have the source or a link but I probably saw it at the Daily Caller. That four million is a bargain compared with what Congress can do when they actually try hard to do good.


  3. I’ve had access to a Zero bike for about two years now.

    $2,500 tax credit on a $13,000 motorcycle and, maybe, a state sales tax credit. Let’s see: The range is questionable, the battery charge times are terrible, has a peak MPH of 80 (yeah, right!), the ride itself is very stiff, there’s no feel of a clutch so the rear wheel slips easily, it uses straight disc brakes, and the battery replacement is about $5,000.

    You can get a gas bike for $6K to $8K that gets great mileage, lasts nearly forever, has anti-lock brakes, anti-slip traction control, and a crapload of other features. Plus it will get you out of trouble (or into it) with power to spare.

    If you’re gonna drop $13K to $15K on a motorcycle, then check out the BMW F800 GS. That’s a sierra hotel bike that can haul asphalt and dig dirt with style.

    So what’s the better value?



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