Obama Needs to Address This Immediately!

Yeah… seems that although the petition to begin construction on an American Death Star by 2016 is some 8000 signatures over the response threshold, the petition is NOT one of the ones that’s received an official response.

I want an Independent Counsel and congressional hearings on this NOW!

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  1. While the Death Star is a great idea, these idiots would build it with an outlet directly to the fusion plant.
    And we all know what happens then.

    I’m for this one it has fewer than 1,000 signatures and really needs to make it the 25k threshold.

    A Joe Biden reality show on C-Span.

    Selling ad space on that would get rid of the deficit in one year.

    Yeah, I know, they’d just up spending $15 trillion a year, but still.


  2. Death Star is a speed-metal band originally out of Pomona, CA. They’re about to kick off a tour with Danzig and Fireball Ministry with a stop in Frankfurt to open for Black Sabbath.


  3. I’m not going to put any effort into this until they show me they have better tactics than what was shown in Star Wars. For example, in the first Star Wars movie with a Death Star, if they had simply blasted the planet the rebel moon was orbiting around at the right time, the rebel moon would have either been destroyed in the blast or would have simply drifted harmlessly into the sun, leaving their original Death Star unharmed.
    There’s even a YouTube vid of this outcome in the HISHE channel, and it is pretty funny too, so if you have the chance look that up.



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