Oh Irony! Hollywood Celebrities Against Guns ALL Posed With Guns

[High Praise! to The Real Revo]

[YouTube direct link] (Viewer #96,627)

I’m very disappointed to see Joel McHale in this. The paintball war episodes of Community are some of the best ones.

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  1. So many new folks to add to the “I’m not supporting your bad habit of telling me what to do. Sorry folks hypocrites like you don’t get to chastise me. After all in all of your Hollyweird pretense, you’ve killed more people than I ever could with my AR, Pistol or Shotgun.

    Hope a lot more folks decide to err on the side of “I’m not paying for you to help take away my liberties, thank you” and stop going to see your movies or watching your TV Shows.


  2. Seriously, what more do you have to do to be a Hollywood actor than 1) be beautiful, 2) learn simple commands and 3) say things that other people tell you to say? If Irish setters could talk, all these jokers would be out of a job.


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