Random Thoughts: Amazon, Trutherism, and Women in Combat

Wow. Got a notice from Amazon that all the music from all the CDs I’ve bought from them them in the past is now in their cloud player. Now, Amazon, do the same thing for DVDs.

Oh, shut up, Republicans. Like we’re supposed to pretend to be surprised the Obama administration isn’t very good at anything.

Foreign affairs can be very important. Thus, I never really understood why we put politicians in charge of it.

So has the fact Salon was dumb enough to print a truther article and then quickly removed it generated any conspiracy theories?

Remember when Salon once put up an article supporting 9/11 trutherism? That was weird.

Only the fires of Mount Doom can melt steel!

From what I’ve learned from science fiction and fantasy, for a woman to qualify for a front line combat role she needs to be sexy.

Adding women to combat is okay, but a really good idea would be adding dinosaurs with rocket launchers on them in combat roles.

Not sure on women in combat roles, but if Buttercup looked up at me and said “I want to kill bad people!” it would be hard to say no.

Considering many women have died overseas on my behalf already, I don’t feel qualified to have an objection to women in combat.

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  1. Yeah, about that Amazon thing. I bought Goodbye Yellow Brick Road on CD several years ago (replacing an earlier version that didn’t survive the divorce way back) and it showed up in my cloud. Only Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding wasn’t included.

    Turns out that songs you can only purchase as part of an MP3 album, and aren’t available as stand-alone, aren’t included. Still a nice gesture; it’s just odd to have some key tracks missing.


  2. Of curiosity, how many? You’d think the number would be easier to come by. Unless it doesn’t support the approved narrative, of course. But really, you’d think it’d be there somewhere pretty accessible.


  3. So the U. S. military under President Frank J. would consist of a bunch of Caroline Munro ( see Star Crash) types riding dinosaurs with rocket lainchers ? THAT would be awesome, and our enemies would cower in fear.


  4. “Women have no place in combat.”
    “Lynn Collins in ‘John Carter of Mars.'”
    “OK, you got me.”



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