Random Thoughts: Carrying, Assaulting, and Armstrong

Man, the temperature in Celsius out there today is a lot like Allahpundit: Not positive.

Very near finalizing my first novel transcript, and it’s getting hard to concentrate on anything else. Then I sigh and realize it will still be a real long time until everyone gets to read it.

And I’m over 90,000 words into my first draft for my next novel. I’m going to be a novelist!

In response to Jim Geraghty, I think Dems could get a lot of unpopular gun control passed easily if they tied it to national right to carry.

Expanding right to carry at the same time would prove the gun control is not meant to target the law abiding.

Everyone understands that “assault weapons” are barely ever used in crimes since they’re not easily concealed, right?

It’s hilarious that some people don’t find the trillion dollar coin idea hilarious.

In Congress, can we kick out some of the biggest idiots in safe districts by passing a ban on dangerous assault morons?

Maybe we should pass a ban on “clips,” but word it in such a way that we’re only actually banning Clippy from further MS products.

Remember, people, Obama won an election. And in America, that plus two dollars will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Yes, Latte’s are expensive at Starbucks, but a regular cup of coffee is under two bucks so stop trying to correct me!

Obama was a crappy president, and I’m not getting the feeling he’ll be any better these next four years.

Solution, have as little power in federal government as possible so it doesn’t matter if elected officials are useless idiots.

From Obama’s whining, he sure inherited a huge mess from himself for these next four years.

Political Prediction: Obama will have a complete mental breakdown before finishing his second term.

If magazine clips are banned, how will I clip extra ammo mags to my backpack?

I actually wants lots and lots more Star Wars movies, because that will increase the chance one of them will be really good.

I hope this Lance Armstrong thing has a twist ending, like what he’s been covering up is that he’s actually a cyborg.

I’ve always found the best apology to be a large check.

Is NY really thinking of reducing magazine capacity from 10 rds to 7? To accomplish what?

“I got the problems with murders in our state: 3 too many rounds.”

Higher capacity mags are easily available in neighboring states, and someone committing murder isn’t going to care if his mag is illegal. So the law will absolutely not affect criminals… and how would it help even if it did?

Anyone in NY who votes for that law should be immediately committed as he obviously does not have the mental capacity of an adult.

I hope the murderous criminals in NY are morally opposed to using out of state magazines.

I have 8rd magazines for my 1911s. Come and get me!

Question: Would it be legal in NY to chamber a round and then put in a full magazine, giving you 8 rounds?

My high capacity magazine goes to 11.

So is the premise that we should listen to David Frum, who is only able to annoy conservatives, on how to appeal to people?

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  1. “Is NY really thinking of reducing magazine capacity from 10 rds to 7? To accomplish what?”

    Well, since 7 round magazines aren’t available for many semi-auto guns, the owners of “grandfathered” firearms will be unable to (legally) use them. I suppose that’s intended to make them more agreeable to the inevitable confiscation that’s coming down the road.

    On a totally related note, I’m thinking of leaving NY. How are the gun laws in Idaho?


  2. My high capacity magazine goes to 11.


    Also, you definitely can use a 3-D printer to make most of the components for another 3-D printer. What’s even cooler is you can rig together a crappy 3-D printer and use it to make parts for a better 3-D printer.


  3. I hope your second book is a hilarious heist story about how an evil oil zillionaire has stolen the Trillion Dollar Coin (I picture it about the size of the giant penny that used to be in the Bat Cave, next to the T. Rex) and vice president Bo Viden has to put together a motley crew of kookie but brilliant characters + one really hot babe to steal it back.



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