Random Thoughts: Computers, High Capacity Magazines, and Violence

I like how computer games tell you not to turn off the computer when you see the save symbol. How about you just never suddenly turn off the computer?

Thanks, media, for getting to the bottom of the “Alex Jones is crazy” story. Great investigative journalism.

If the mafia just declares itself a media outfit, its members could get away with a ton of stuff.

Because D.C. has a ban on high capacity magazines, no one is ever shot there.

If you’re in D.C. and murder someone with a gun with a high capacity magazine in it, you’re breaking the law. Unless you’re a journalist.

Drink from a 16 oz cup and fire from a 10 rd magazine or Bloomberg will get you!

What if Congress does a study on video game violence and its only conclusion is that it’s awesome?

Wow, I didn’t know until Twitter that people actually watch the Golden Globe awards. Aren’t the Golden Globes just a low rent Oscars?

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  1. The PC save warnings are generally hold-overs from being a console port. Consoles, which can be shut down immediately have the warnings as part of the certification process of the software. (It’s required by the console manufacturer)

    Rather than re-code whole sections of code for PC, they simply keep the message in place and just change the text string. It’s simply laziness.


  2. Because D.C. has a ban on high capacity magazines, no one is ever shot there.

    And to help balance the budget, Congress should declare D.C. a “gun free zone” and fire the Secret Service and all other security personnel. It’s good enough for our school children, it should be good enough for grown-@ass men and women.

    I’m gonna write my Conressperson right now with this valuable suggestion. I’m sure it will be taken very seriously.



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