Random Thoughts: Guns, Freedom, and Family Mottos

My dad never did do a background check on me before he gave me some of his guns.

If every law abiding man and woman carried a gun, would reduce crime and there would be no mass shooting. The freedom, i.e. scary, solution.

Freedom is scary, but like many things, it’s worth pushing through the fear to pursue.

Not enough blame is placed on the people whose policies enable mass shooting by making one evil man with a gun so powerful.

You can’t give me rights or take them away. You can only get in my way when I exercise them.

Great idea from Iowahawk: Any checks that apply to gun ownership should also apply to being able to vote. If we wouldn’t trust someone with a gun, why in the world would we want that guy voting which could do even more harm?

Now that I’m going to have two kids, I feel like I should have a crest and a motto for my family name.

How many people have a family motto? I don’t see why that isn’t more popular.

Guns are a good test; if the idea of your fellow man carrying a gun is too horrible for you to contemplate, then liberty isn’t for you.

Oh yeah, I know my family motto: “Contunde Diem,” i.e., “pwn the day.”

Writing the exciting conclusion of my next novel and its hard to put down. I want to see how it ends!

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  1. Years ago Calvin Trillin wrote a piece trying to find a family motto. They thought about “The Great Society,” but a family down the street had already taken it. Finally settled on “Zip Up Your Jacket.” You could do worse.

    If the Latin thing doesn’t work out, just go with “Stop Or My Toddler Will Shoot.”


  2. “Hippieus Punchus Faceis, Moonus Nukeu — Buymybookus” would work.

    I know. Let’s create zones of no guns allowed, especially around vulnerable people, make a big deal about it so all the crazy evil know where to go, so when the crazy evil people take advantage of it blame the gun owners and not the stupid plan.


  3. I think it’s only right that since the right to bear arms was in an amendment, that any voting license requirement should only apply to voting privileges that were extended via amendments (see 15, 19, 26).


  4. Family Motto: Perfectly Normal

    Family Pledge:

    I am PERFECTLY NORMAL. I am having a wonderful childhood. My parents are loving and caring, and I will grow up to appreciate and support them in the manner to which they have become accustomed.


  5. Congrats!!

    So if I legally own a gun and you legally own a gun and we want to trade guns do we need to do background checks on each other? How about if I buy a pistol for my wife do I have to do a check on her? I didn’t do one when we got married and that probably would have been a better time IF I were going to do one at all.



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