Random Thoughts: Murderers, Inauguration, and Dumbo

I’m against violent murder. That’s why I’m prepared to shoot murderers if I encounter one.

We’re supposed to be prepared to shoot tyrants. If you’re not prepared to shoot tyrants, you’re a bad American.

I mean, if you are going to fire people because of Obamacare costs, should be the people who wanted Obamacare. That’s the fairest choice.

Wasn’t violence highest back in the 70s right after 1968 gun control was passed and the most violent video game was Pong?

The people behind Journal News’s gun map are scumbag sociopaths who should be treated no better than you would pedophiles.

I think the main cause of sexism is that men and women are different.

Thought that blew my mind: Since it’s below freezing in the garage, the refrigerator out there is actually keeping the food warm.

Instead of explaining why we need AR-15s, let’s just recognize this is America where we don’t need to answer stupid questions from the government.

In Thomas & Friends, the engine drivers seem to be mindless drones who every so often do the engine’s bidding and it’s very disturbing.

So what are these guns pointed at people ads Time Warner is blocking? Does Geico have an ad series I don’t know about?

Folding a shirt is physically impossible.

Novel manuscript is officially done. Well, I still have to add like page numbers to it or something. And then hopefully I can get in front of a publisher. Because I’m an important writer.

If you’re worked on MLK Day, you’re a racist.

What idiot approved us spending any money on Obama’s 2nd inauguration?

I like the idea that everyone should be free to make decisions about their own lives, but that’s constantly getting in the way of free stuff.

People always have grand ideas with government, and the main opposition to that will always be liberty.

The thing about government power is that it’s not created in a vacuum; it only gains power when it takes from others.

The bigger your government, the less free you are. There’s no way around that.

We have a lot of serious problems in government in this country. Perhaps we’ll get to them in four years.

It cost $6 trillion to get us back to 7.8% unemployment over the past four years. How much will it cost to do that feat again?

Biden doesn’t drink? Well, there goes the easiest explanation…

Maybe he snorts coke then.

Buttercup really likes Dumbo, so I looked it up and the part with the crows isn’t necessarily racist.

It’s only 64 minutes… and that’s with the “Pink Elephants on Parade” padding.

I hope Obama fulfills his campaign promise of Romney is a very bad person don’t vote for him.

The chicken makhani at Madhuban in Boise is like if “Obama forced to sit silently while lectured by business owners” was a flavor.

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  1. Folding a shirt is physically impossible.

    Oh, come on, Frank. Even I, the man who trips over yard lines on a football field, can fold a shirt. Next you’ll be telling us that you can’t parallel park.



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