Random Thoughts: The Continuing Adventures of Super Booker

Guns are for closers.

If my novel gets published, I’m so going to edit my Twitter profile to reflect that.

What’s Cory Booker’s origin story?

Maybe we should rebrand the attack on cool looking guns as the Democrats’ “War on Awesome.”

Why would I pay $0.99 to read Stephen King’s rant on “assault weapons” when I can hit myself on the head with a mallet for free?

Pitch for DC or Marvel (whoever pays me first): Mayor who is secretly his city’s superhero savior by night. Alias: Bory Cooker.

The pen is mightier than the sword but pales in comparison to a rocket launcher.

If FOX News needs someone to replace Sarah Palin, I could go on TV and talk politics if I’m paid a lot of money. And I mean A LOT. I hate talking about politics. It’s so asinine.

What happened to the dolphin? Did it drink 17 ounces of soda?

It’s okay to make fun of dolphin dying, right? I’m sort of a sociopath; you need to explain these things to me.

Saturday pancake breakfast! Decided to start following a tradition from my dad.

Differences: It’s gluten-free Bisquick and you don’t have to get up as early for it.

Buttercup was like: “Daddy is cooking? This is insane! My world has no meaning!”

I thought it would take a lot of talent to do those arrangements on Glee, but apparently all it takes is being an amoral thief. (BTW, buy Coulton’s cover of Glee’s cover of his cover of “Baby Got Back”)

I really admire how much Edgar Allen achieved despite the fact he grew up Poe.

So we’re at the point that 1 degree above freezing + clear skies = “It’s warm out; you don’t even need a coat.”

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  1. Does Cory Booker’s origin story really matter? If he wants to run for a higher office the Democratic Party will just retcon it anyway.

    No there is an idea for a villian. Retcon. Just one touch and he can alter a heroes origin story removing beloved and significant details or inserting a current situation into the hero’s past to make him relevant for today.

    Where is my million dollars Marvel/DC?


  2. Buttercup was like: “Daddy is cooking? This is insane! My world has no meaning!”

    Good to see that you’re raising your daughter right.


  3. I recall the first time my kids called me from seven hundred miles away: “Daddy come home, Mama’s cooking again!”


  4. Just so you know, Coulton said at the link that he’s donating a portion of the profits he makes from that song to the It Gets Better project. I was gonna download it, but now forget it.



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